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Hand recognizing AI models and use cases

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    "Axis Towers" Terminal,
    Chavchavadze ave. 37m

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    June 1, Thursday
    19:00 - 21:30

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About topic

Hand recognizing AI models and use cases

Explore the World of Hand Recognizing AI Models and Use Cases! In this topic, we'll delve into the latest advancements in hand recognition technology using powerful tools like TensorFlow models and JS canvas. Discover how you can build your own React app that leverages these two AI models to recognize and interpret hand movements and gestures accurately. Whether you're a developer or simply curious about the potential of hand recognition AI, this topic offers insights and practical examples that can inspire your own projects and contribute to the ongoing evolution of this exciting field.

What you will learn

At this Talk which will also include live coding, you'll discover:

  • How to incorporate hand recognition AI models into your front-end projects using JavaScript and React.
  • Different uses for ML models on JS and React, including how to represent shapes from a camera as JavaScript objects.
  • How integrating AI can make your front-end projects more engaging, intuitive, and fun for users.
  • Examples of how you can use hand recognition AI to build practical projects such as a virtual mouse or a sign language interpreter.

By the end of the talk, you'll have a solid understanding of hand recognizing AI models and how they can be applied to front-end development.

About speaker

Tamar Tchelidze

About speaker

Talk will be delivered by Tamar Tchelidze, Full Stack Software Engineer at AltexSoft

Tamar has been passionate about programming since her school years, inspired by her older brother who was already active in the programming world. Tatia has since pursued a successful career in tech, currently serving as a Front End team lead at AltexSoft. At the present moment she and her team are working on redeveloping the main website of their company, with a focus on adding new features and developing a custom admin panel as well as a user site from scratch.

Who may be interested

  • Developers who are interested or intrigued by AI but haven't had the opportunity to work with it yet, particularly if they are looking for use cases on the front-end.
  • Anyone who is passionate about coding, AI, and the promising future of these fields.

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